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Redskins 2011

Well the regular season has begun and the Mike Shanahan reign of the Redskins is on it’s way.His moves to build the team he wants and get rid if the dead weight is a breath of fresh air.In Rex we trust is his mantra ,and with a win over the Giants he is on his way to change the perception of the quarterback. I will give him a clean slate and hope what we saw today is a glimpse of good things to come. The defence played lights out and with young players with speed it looks like they have improved. With wins comes hope that the Shanahan plan can get the job done.


A New Era?

I have to give it to Rex Grossman after starting out slow he almost made a great comeback against Dallas today.They made a game out of it so you have to say Shanahan may know more than we do about the talent they have.We have to see more of Rex and he will get his chance to show what he can do. This is just a start lets see where it goes.