Well after last weeks big win the RG III show went off to take it to the Rams. A team that most say is not that good but seem to have the Redskins number every time,and yesterday they ripped a win from us again. Rams went to the substitute teacher card do anything you can because there’s nobody to stop you.Cheap shots, smack guys around do what you have to do it’s all good.And after watching a lot of games yesterday EVERYBODY had the same idea. This is a big joke for the NFL to have these shoe salesmen ref the games! And the joke is on us for now because we will watch this and there is nothing we can do. But what happens when somebody gets hurt bad or an all out fight happens because nobody respects the subs. The Skins offence played ok they put points on the board and RG III looked good. Memo to Shanahans we know RG III can run but he can’t keep doing that or he will end up like Mike Vick.. blasted…Use his legs now and then let the RBs run the ball and looks like we still need big play receivers ( catch the ball guys) . As for the Defence can you stop anybody ! Lucky Jackson went out the game or he would have had 300 yds .London Fletcher can’t do it all by himself and now All Pro Orakpo is gone again for the year.What is with Special Teams now block punts and field goals something that would never happen.Coach them up or be gone sorry that’s it! They let one get away …stop it ..now.