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Oil /Gas Prices

The US has always had oil.Texas has caped wells since the 70’s .The thing is we have been  subsidizing big oil co for years.We in the US always blame OPEC or someone for the price of oil it is easy to blame someone “over there” and not for the lack of any real energy plain.The EU has been paying $8 for gas no one ever asks why do we play less.Remember when diesel was cheap here now it cost the same as premium .The oil company’s fix the price to make more money and keep drivers in the US from not buying  new clean diesel cars that the EU has ,the ones that get a lot more mileage than anything we have here.Congress has been in bed with the car industry for years not pushing up the CAFE Standards we make crap cars with low mpg that helps who…the oil co. .  And lets talk about electric cars yea at average of $40+ to $100 for something that might get you out-of-the-way of a semi on the highway at 70 mph how many will buy this pig in a poke. No one tells you that all have to get the batteries replaced in 2-3 yrs.  (hybrid for now )for thousands of dollars would you buy a car that the engine was done in the same time.Now the all electrics (GM and Nissan) to be out this year and we will see how many you see on the street.And
Tesla “the yuppie pos” will not last.At $100,000 + it is fast but really untill they made one for less forget it.


Well the NFL had their three days of hype with the draft.With the news of the end of the lockout in the air everyone was ready for some football.Then after the big show started in NY with the first round of picks done,boom the appeal comes in and puts the kabash on all the good feelings.Teams can stockpile  their new meat but that’s all they can do with it.No trades for Vets so it is all up in the air for now.No labor talks until May 16th. I have a bad feeling we are in for a long disappointing season! The only good thing was the Redskins acturaly did what most teams do…draft.They came away with 12 players that’s good but no QB in the bunch.They had not worked the draft like that in ….well I don’t know when. Lets hope a trade or free agent comes out way after the CBA is done.

Yes The F1 Seasion is here!

Finally the race season has begun with the race in Melbourne this weekend.A new season with the new active rear spoiler and KERS makes this the races to watch.

Daytona Week

This is the start of Nascar‘s season with the Daytona 500.It is also the tenth anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt,the sadist day in the history of Nascar.Everyone hopes to see his son win this race we will have to see if he can from the back of the pack.

Another Win..

For the second week the new Rex has saved the day by running the offence to win a close game.It looks like the change that the Shanahan’s have made is  the right one.The offence looks like someone knows what they are doing.It is a real indictment of McNabb who could not execute plays or put points on the board with consistency. And now he wants to be released by the Skins …I don’t think so…Why so you think they signed you to that sham contract.To let you go and get nothing….no.. not so fast my friend.You have to stick this out until they sign SOMEONE as your replacement ..”all your base are belong to us”.That’s right they own you …so just sit back and enjoy it, oh and by the way it’s only business in the NFL. I just hope this comes to an end soon…Get him out of here! Bring on next year.

A New Era?

I have to give it to Rex Grossman after starting out slow he almost made a great comeback against Dallas today.They made a game out of it so you have to say Shanahan may know more than we do about the talent they have.We have to see more of Rex and he will get his chance to show what he can do. This is just a start lets see where it goes.

Total Disrespect!

I just saw Shanahan’s statement on benching McNabb for “Sexy Rexy”and I’am absolutely stuppified.To do this against the Cowboys is out right crazy and if mike thinks a guy who DID NOT practice with the team all week has a better chance to win this game is pure BS! This is a Son of Shanahan move no question about it he does not like McNabb and has been wanting to do this for some time.Dad goes along with this saying he wants to see what they have as backups , we all know what they have NOTHING,BUPKIS that’s it end of story.I did not like the acquisition of McNabb in the first place the dude was DONE in Philly but everyone wanted to get rid of Jason so this was a so-called upgrade. But to treat a vet like this is a total disrespect of the guy .If you wanted to give Rex some play time put him in at the half see what he can do not just bench your starter for the rest of the season. I think it is about time for Mike to get a dose of Redskins Fan he has not been here long enough to get a pass, hold this guy’s feet to the fire.He does not give anything to the media his double speak is that of a classic narcissistic my way or the highway ….yea right.Now that Albert is back to the buffet line Shanahan’s ego is now fixed on McNabb .This better work Mike but I have a bad feeling about this…

What a Game…..

The Skins find a way to lose again thanks to their kicker! Not only does he miss 2 easy FG but miss an extra point at the end of the game.The dude has to go but they say Shanahan likes the guy (must be a son of a friend or something) and had the nerve to say “he makes these kicks in practice”what the heck does that mean!I probley could make them in practice but do you see me on the team.What a joke to say that after a loss like that. I’m done just done with this until next year they have to get some players in the off-season.

It is all over now!

Well  today the Redskins suspended old fat Albert so his days with the team are OVER!Something must be wrong with this guy he gets paid millions to play a game and he can’t get his act together. I hope NO team picks this guy up let him park cars or be a bouncer at the club.

The more things change….

The Skins lose another game to the Giants .This team has massive holes in offence and defence and there  is no help in sight!