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The End of an Era.

After cutting his games last year I knew this was the next move. I can’t remember listening to a game without Sam and Sonny! It’s a sad day for Skins fans. Sam may not have been smooth with his delivery during the game but his passion and love for the game never dwindled. You will be missed No 70…


Loss of a Legend

The “greatest defensive end of modern football” is right nobody was better than Deacon.I was a fan of his when he was with the “The Fearsome Foursome” and of course with the Skins. He was a colorful character and I always loved to hear him tell stories. The head slap was his move to get by linemen (outlawed by the NFL because it knocked guys out) And coined the phrase “sack the quarterback” for which he has more than any player (they did not count them when he started but everyone knows he has the

R.I.P legend, G.O.A.T.


RIP, Deacon Jones:

RIP, Deacon Jones:


Well the rivalry is back Dallas v Skins that’s right one of the greatest in all sports! It’s 6:50 AM the TV comes on and what do I hear Boomer going thru the big games from 1972 to this Thanksgiving . Tom Landry, Roger Staubach , George Allen and Sonny Jurgensen the Over the hill gang. On to Joe Theismann “The Diesel”and Coach Gibbs against Jimmy Johnson ,Randy White and America’s team .Now it’s RG III and the Shanahans time to stick a fork in the “Cowgirls” and send them packing back to Valley Ranch. Fiscal cliff forget about that today there is nothing more important than todays game look at the Post front page! To say this is the biggest game at FedEx field is an understatement. Fans have to rock that place like we did at RFK and make it so loud they can’t even think. This is what it’s all about a big game in Dec. in the cold for all the enchiladas!

The Rams?

Well after last weeks big win the RG III show went off to take it to the Rams. A team that most say is not that good but seem to have the Redskins number every time,and yesterday they ripped a win from us again. Rams went to the substitute teacher card do anything you can because there’s nobody to stop you.Cheap shots, smack guys around do what you have to do it’s all good.And after watching a lot of games yesterday EVERYBODY had the same idea. This is a big joke for the NFL to have these shoe salesmen ref the games! And the joke is on us for now because we will watch this and there is nothing we can do. But what happens when somebody gets hurt bad or an all out fight happens because nobody respects the subs. The Skins offence played ok they put points on the board and RG III looked good. Memo to Shanahans we know RG III can run but he can’t keep doing that or he will end up like Mike Vick.. blasted…Use his legs now and then let the RBs run the ball and looks like we still need big play receivers ( catch the ball guys) . As for the Defence can you stop anybody ! Lucky Jackson went out the game or he would have had 300 yds .London Fletcher can’t do it all by himself and now All Pro Orakpo is gone again for the year.What is with Special Teams now block punts and field goals something that would never happen.Coach them up or be gone sorry that’s it! They let one get away …stop it

My Take on RG III

Well it looks like the Redskins have there QB for the future in RG III.This has been needed for sometime after the Grossman,McNabb and Beck era .I just hope RG III is given the tools and time to hone his craft.With the acusishion of Pierre Garcon to help Santana Moss get open maybe the team can increace the RAC average.The offenceive line has to stay healthy to keep Robert off his backside and open holes for the RBs and take presure off a rookie QB. I understand you have to strike when the iron is hot to market yourself and RG III has done that. Subway,Adidas,Gatorade and GQ ( I realy did not like that photo…yeah) when someone offers you money to do a ads you take it. Now it’s time to show all of Washington and the NFL that a new leader is in town to bring the glory days back to DC.


Well this week we will finally get a franchise QB in the draft and all points to RG III.All the future hope of this Shanahan team will rest on this young mans shoulders.I hope for the best not just for him but the city and fans who wants to embrace him.Can’t wait !!

Ok Redskins lets go!

I have held my critique over the Redskins because I wanted to give this QB change a chance.We where told by Mike that he had two QBs that could win games,well we have found out that was a lie.Rex was who we thought (sorry Sarah I know he is a local boy and I love you for your loyalty) the same guy who Chicago showed him the door because of his erratic play.And then there is Beck he has not won me over yet but there is a reason he just had his first start at age 30. And the O line is a joke Dan Marino would not look good behind that line.And it is time to put the blame on who put this together and this time it is not the owner.Mike and Bruce Allen oh and btw where have you been Bruce and what the heck do you do! Not getting a QB was a joke this is two years without a quality guy in house.The defence has gone from not bad to we don’t know what the heck we are doing.It was said by Sony last year that the Skins just don’t have players and except for Kerrigan who looks like he is the real deal and Fletcher who plays every game like it is his last.The next few games will tell us a lot about some players who seem to have mailed it in last week.You play for pride not just for money…And today some of the greatest Redskins will be on hand today and HOF Chris Hanburger will get his ring today …Give him a win on his day guys.

Redskins 2011

Well the regular season has begun and the Mike Shanahan reign of the Redskins is on it’s way.His moves to build the team he wants and get rid if the dead weight is a breath of fresh air.In Rex we trust is his mantra ,and with a win over the Giants he is on his way to change the perception of the quarterback. I will give him a clean slate and hope what we saw today is a glimpse of good things to come. The defence played lights out and with young players with speed it looks like they have improved. With wins comes hope that the Shanahan plan can get the job done.

Well the Football lockout is over and the game of pick a part has begun .With a frenzy teams are trying to make up for lost time to get rid of players and get them  on there team.I have to say this week has been great for the Skins.To get something for Haynesworth was a master stroke and to the hoodman ( he must have owed Mike a solid for something) to stop the circus side-show that was Albert. I give the over under that he is gone by the second regular game. And then there is good old McNabb off to Minnesota don’t let the door hit you in the back dude! He is in a dome on turf , no wind or rain , or sun in his eyes,bugs etc. so there is no excuse for ANY balls in the ground or way over their heads. Wish you luck …..because if he thinks Philly fan was crazed Viking fan is all about their Football .So don’t bring that crap up there! John Beck has talked a big game all during the lockout and now is the time to put up young man. Untill Rex is re-signed the QB job is up in the air.He has the team by the short hairs they have no Vet or real backup….nice Mike we will see how this pans out.

The Joker

Well with the Football lockout and no real end in sight everyone’s looking for news.And this week it is from someone who we have not heard in sometime good old Donovan F McNabb! On The Real Robinson Report YouTube webcast he tells us this year will be different and he will be in shape and ready to play. Not like last year I guess, and if you don’t beleave him “I will prove you wrong”. Ok let me get this straight now you will be in shape, ready to play and have a better year than last, yea and not throw the ball short and in the dirt , understand the Offence , and get benched for a retread washout ok.And he has the nerve to workout with Eagle players and not the Skins who I know would love to see the new McNabb. This guy is trolling for a spot on any team who is stupid enough to sign him!Read my lips YOU ARE DONE. To say   “It was very difficult. It was difficult because you’re going into a new system, you’re [with] new players, you’re going into new surroundings. You’re trying to do the things you’ve been doing over the past 11 years, and things change”, McNabb said.  “You’re trying to not be a robot in what [the Redskins] want, but you obviously want to be perfect in what they’re trying to teach you and trying to show you. And it just wasn’t me. ”  WTF so you are saying  you can’t learn a new system or get use to new players so that means what the Shanahan’s said about you was true? They just want you to hit the receivers in the hands with the #$%& ball dude that’s it plain and simple. The same as it has been for every QB period. I said it from jump and Philly fan too this dude is as fake as it gets.Nothing is on him from his agent doing all his talking about the team and Shanahan saying ” I did not say any of this did you hear me say it” to the way he handled TO in Philly.You can never get an honest response from him . I can’t wait for the lockout to end so Donovan can go away……. child please ….