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Yes The F1 Seasion is here!

Finally the race season has begun with the race in Melbourne this weekend.A new season with the new active rear spoiler and KERS makes this the races to watch.


Daytona Week

This is the start of Nascar‘s season with the Daytona 500.It is also the tenth anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt,the sadist day in the history of Nascar.Everyone hopes to see his son win this race we will have to see if he can from the back of the pack.

World Championship

Sebastian Vettel is the youngest driver to win the F1 championship.It has been a long and trying year for the drivers but there can be only one champion. Red Bull has done a great job to take there team and driver to the top of Motorsports.

  Who will buy this thing….great looking super car but.


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The USGP at indy started picture perfect on Thurs with the walkabout of the F1 pits.Seeing Michael Schumacher at the Speedtv interview was a once in a lifetime event. Too hear the Champ speak about racing and life was very interesting!And then there was race day……..To see what Michelin and the teams did to the fans like my friends and I will NEVER be forgotten!Something should have been worked out to give us a real race!The FIA will make the teams respond to what happened on the 29th of July. But the damage is done …..

F1 race

The Race on CBS was an abomination today.A late start with commercials every few min made it hard to watch.Speedtv’s coverage is head and shoulders above CBS. I know that the FIA wants to get more coverage to Americans by using CBS but the quality is just not there!Thank goodness I will be at the USGP this week and CBS will not be covering the race….