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The End of an Era.

After cutting his games last year I knew this was the next move. I can’t remember listening to a game without Sam and Sonny! It’s a sad day for Skins fans. Sam may not have been smooth with his delivery during the game but his passion and love for the game never dwindled. You will be missed No 70…


Loss of a Legend

The “greatest defensive end of modern football” is right nobody was better than Deacon.I was a fan of his when he was with the “The Fearsome Foursome” and of course with the Skins. He was a colorful character and I always loved to hear him tell stories. The head slap was his move to get by linemen (outlawed by the NFL because it knocked guys out) And coined the phrase “sack the quarterback” for which he has more than any player (they did not count them when he started but everyone knows he has the

R.I.P legend, G.O.A.T.


RIP, Deacon Jones:

RIP, Deacon Jones: