Well the rivalry is back Dallas v Skins that’s right one of the greatest in all sports! It’s 6:50 AM the TV comes on and what do I hear Boomer going thru the big games from 1972 to this Thanksgiving . Tom Landry, Roger Staubach , George Allen and Sonny Jurgensen the Over the hill gang. On to Joe Theismann “The Diesel”and Coach Gibbs against Jimmy Johnson ,Randy White and America’s team .Now it’s RG III and the Shanahans time to stick a fork in the “Cowgirls” and send them packing back to Valley Ranch. Fiscal cliff forget about that today there is nothing more important than todays game look at the Post front page! To say this is the biggest game at FedEx field is an understatement. Fans have to rock that place like we did at RFK and make it so loud they can’t even think. This is what it’s all about a big game in Dec. in the cold for all the enchiladas!