Well it looks like the Redskins have there QB for the future in RG III.This has been needed for sometime after the Grossman,McNabb and Beck era .I just hope RG III is given the tools and time to hone his craft.With the acusishion of Pierre Garcon to help Santana Moss get open maybe the team can increace the RAC average.The offenceive line has to stay healthy to keep Robert off his backside and open holes for the RBs and take presure off a rookie QB. I understand you have to strike when the iron is hot to market yourself and RG III has done that. Subway,Adidas,Gatorade and GQ ( I realy did not like that photo…yeah) when someone offers you money to do a ads you take it. Now it’s time to show all of Washington and the NFL that a new leader is in town to bring the glory days back to DC.