I have held my critique over the Redskins because I wanted to give this QB change a chance.We where told by Mike that he had two QBs that could win games,well we have found out that was a lie.Rex was who we thought (sorry Sarah I know he is a local boy and I love you for your loyalty) the same guy who Chicago showed him the door because of his erratic play.And then there is Beck he has not won me over yet but there is a reason he just had his first start at age 30. And the O line is a joke Dan Marino would not look good behind that line.And it is time to put the blame on who put this together and this time it is not the owner.Mike and Bruce Allen oh and btw where have you been Bruce and what the heck do you do! Not getting a QB was a joke this is two years without a quality guy in house.The defence has gone from not bad to we don’t know what the heck we are doing.It was said by Sony last year that the Skins just don’t have players and except for Kerrigan who looks like he is the real deal and Fletcher who plays every game like it is his last.The next few games will tell us a lot about some players who seem to have mailed it in last week.You play for pride not just for money…And today some of the greatest Redskins will be on hand today and HOF Chris Hanburger will get his ring today …Give him a win on his day guys.