Well with the Football lockout and no real end in sight everyone’s looking for news.And this week it is from someone who we have not heard in sometime good old Donovan F McNabb! On The Real Robinson Report YouTube webcast he tells us this year will be different and he will be in shape and ready to play. Not like last year I guess, and if you don’t beleave him “I will prove you wrong”. Ok let me get this straight now you will be in shape, ready to play and have a better year than last, yea and not throw the ball short and in the dirt , understand the Offence , and get benched for a retread washout ok.And he has the nerve to workout with Eagle players and not the Skins who I know would love to see the new McNabb. This guy is trolling for a spot on any team who is stupid enough to sign him!Read my lips YOU ARE DONE. To say   “It was very difficult. It was difficult because you’re going into a new system, you’re [with] new players, you’re going into new surroundings. You’re trying to do the things you’ve been doing over the past 11 years, and things change”, McNabb said.  “You’re trying to not be a robot in what [the Redskins] want, but you obviously want to be perfect in what they’re trying to teach you and trying to show you. And it just wasn’t me. ”  WTF so you are saying  you can’t learn a new system or get use to new players so that means what the Shanahan’s said about you was true? They just want you to hit the receivers in the hands with the #$%& ball dude that’s it plain and simple. The same as it has been for every QB period. I said it from jump and Philly fan too this dude is as fake as it gets.Nothing is on him from his agent doing all his talking about the team and Shanahan saying ” I did not say any of this did you hear me say it” to the way he handled TO in Philly.You can never get an honest response from him . I can’t wait for the lockout to end so Donovan can go away……. child please ….