Well the NFL had their three days of hype with the draft.With the news of the end of the lockout in the air everyone was ready for some football.Then after the big show started in NY with the first round of picks done,boom the appeal comes in and puts the kabash on all the good feelings.Teams can stockpile  their new meat but that’s all they can do with it.No trades for Vets so it is all up in the air for now.No labor talks until May 16th. I have a bad feeling we are in for a long disappointing season! The only good thing was the Redskins acturaly did what most teams do…draft.They came away with 12 players that’s good but no QB in the bunch.They had not worked the draft like that in ….well I don’t know when. Lets hope a trade or free agent comes out way after the CBA is done.